what does cognate discipline mean?

A minimum of a second class undergraduate honors degree in a ‘cognate discipline’ was an entry requirement for a surveying degree. What does that mean?

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  • A “cognate” discipline means food

    science, biochemistry, microbiology,

    biotechnology/bioengineering and related


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    Cognates are areas of study that are different but related. History and Political Science are pretty closely related. Theology is pretty closely related to History as well. Another example would be Theater and Music (performing arts) or Biology and Chemistry (sciences) or Psychology and Anthropology (social sciences). The intent of cognate areas is to provide you with a broad but closely related understanding so that you can borrow information from one field for use in another and can combine the points of view into new knowledge. (synthesis) Usually, as long as you can explain how you’ll relate them to each other – they can be determined to be cognate.

  • related by birth,of same parentage, descent etc

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