What does conchale mean?

I don't mean to curse if it's a bad word but I've noticed hispanic people saying it. I know it's a slang term but what does it mean and what nationality of hispanics use it?

2 Answers

  • "conchale" is slang. It's used for some people of certains countries... I think most from South America (Venezuela is the one where people use so much this word).

    The closest meaning could be : "come on!" sometimes ...or could be a way to call somebody, like DUDE.

  • It's not a bad word.

    "cónchale, vale" is an expression used in Venezuela.

    "cónchale" is an interjection = good grief!

    "vale" is something like 'buddy', 'fellow'

    Notice: 'concha', which means 'shell' is a bad word in Argentina.


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