What does “cut your eyes” mean (as in “don’t cut your eyes at me”)? And where did the expression come from?

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  • To give a look of disgust and disappointment or disapproval.

    don't know where it comes from though

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    These verses are considered by many to be hyperbole. Meaning that Jesus was using an over exaggerated expression to get his point across. That point was that it is better to do away with anything that causes you to be tempted into sin and thus fall from grace. Drunks should not go and hang out in bars even to "minister" to others like themselves. We all have weakness that we should avoid and sometimes it takes drastic solutions to the problem. I would however submit that though this it hyperbole it could also be very practical if it were all that were keeping you from a heavenly lifestyle. But, it would be wise to make sure this was your only problem area.

  • To squint with your eyes amorously.

  • do you mean roll your eyes at me

  • well my grandma told me that along time ago and i think it means that you gave him/her a dirty look

  • try Urban dictionary.com

  • idk but it sounds rather stupid

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