What does “dangle” in hockey mean?

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  • It means to put the puck in a tempting position in front of the defender or goaltender, goading them to commit to going for it, then moving it away before they can get it.

    Dangling it in front of them like a tasty carrot, only to snatch it away and make them look silly… leaving them in an exposed position unable to defend against your next move.

  • Define Dangle

  • “To dangle means to ball super hard, kinda like when a basketball player strokes a “wet bucket of ham””. -Jay Bird, hockey extraordinaire. Jay Bird’s dangling skills originated at a local Alaskan night hockey club when she was dangling at the minuscule age of 14. It was here where she met the two masters of hockey, Caleb “Original G String” Dnalloh and Joshua “Scar-Face” Egdireveb. It was through these legends and many weeks of fasting that Jay Bird became the most legendary figure of ice hockey. RIP, she shall be missed.

  • You know what, I had just written about what a dangle was, but the guy above me did a much better job. His is 100% right.

    Good danglers in the NHL include Alexander Ovechkin, Alexei Kovalev, Pavel Datsyuk, Jason Spezza and former NHL player Pavel Bure.

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