what does Desdinova mean?

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  • Are you talking about from the Blue Oyster Cult song? That whole album, Imaginos? I've always assumed it was supposed to mean "new destiny", or maybe the shining one...hmm...that album has a whole strange story line.

    " Just call me Desdinova/ I'm sure to be/the lucky one"

    ....that's the only place I've ever heard that name used is on that album.

  • Referred to in the mythology of the Alara'an people as the Lonely God, and former Lord of the Infinitum Dominion, Desdinova is a near-immortal being that was exiled to the Tenth Universe thousands of years ago

  • Desdinova

  • i think desdinova is almost be a god that one gender of light in stste of eternal.but he can t be the ture god maybe a super strong thing or super power and eternal energy

  • A local "slang"

    for Desafinado ?

  • Or dasvidanya, maybe...? That's Russian for 'goodbye'.

  • are you maybe meaning Desdemona?

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