What does “Detected AP2P” on Peerblock mean?

For example Peerblock says "Detected AP2P on Smart Broadband". What does it mean?

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  • It simply means that it is detecting a Anti Peer-2-Peer groups IP Range or Internet Protocol Address Range. Which is a range of numbers used to identify your computer on the internet. PeerBlock, uses public lists which are maintained by humans. So the fact of truth may not be that good. Blocking lists aren’t good anyway.

    Because its only alerting you that because your being funneled to an IP Range that is listed on the blocklist as being an AP2P IP Range Smart Broadband is an ISP or Internet Service Provider you pay to get internet service from. If your downloading movies from Bittorrent this is the most likely cause of this message appearing, but it can appear anyway from the blocklist not being updated constantly or their just not being that correct.

  • Detected Ap2p

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    What does "Detected AP2P" on Peerblock mean?

    For example Peerblock says "Detected AP2P on Smart Broadband". What does it mean?

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