what does ‘don’t get short with me’ mean?

I was texting my boyfriend and told him I felt sick and he said ‘don’t get short with me’ and I don’t know what he’s saying.

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  • lol he prob being a smart ***.. that means like dont be snotty, or rude, no back talking no smart *** remarks. sarcastic even

  • “Don’t get short with me.” is something a parent says to a child who is angry or annoyed, and isn’t being very polite.


    “Son, go clean your room.”

    “But I already did!”

    “You cleaned it last month. Clean it again.”

    “You never make anyone else clean!”

    “You know that’s not true. Now clean.”

    “I always have to be the slave!”

    “Don’t get short with me!”

    But usually with more snark, or a sharper kind of rude.

    He thinks you’re being rude to him. That is a really disrespectful (and strange) way for a boyfriend to speak.

    Source(s): My parents.
  • i think it means something along the lines of, “don’t change the subject,” “don’t try to get rid of me,” “don’t be a smart-***,” or “don’t avoid me.”

    hope I helped 🙂

    Source(s): my personal experience
  • ‘Short’ in this context usually means ‘short tempered’

  • Don’t be a smart ***.

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