What does each branch in a cladogram represent

What does each branch in a cladogram represent


Within a cladogram, a branch that includes a single common ancestor and all of its descendants is called a clade. A cladogram is an evolutionary tree that diagrams the ancestral relationships among organisms. In the past, cladograms were drawn based on similarities in phenotypes or physical traits among organisms.

A different derived trait.:)

AnswerB. I think,Plus is it helpful?


D. A different derived trait


Hi! The answer to this question would be B. A different common ancestor. I hope this helps!

the answer is b because

A cladogram is a visual chart or representation of cladistics. They consist of horizontal or vertical lines connecting various organisms. These different lines branch off from a common point on the cladogram. These branch points represent a common ancestor shared by the organisms that emanate from the branch point

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