what does “external use only” mean?

i've noticed that many products say" for external use only" on the back of its label, what does that mean?

6 Answers

  • It means you should only use it on you. Not in you. External means "outside". So Basically its telling you not to put it inside your body.

  • for external use only means that you can only apply it on the outside of your body. For example, if it is a prescription cream for acne, you can only use it on your skin and not drink it or put it in you nose or anywhere internal. The use is for the external body only.

  • This means not to use it on mucous membrane areas of your body and not to put it in your body. If the product says "for external use only," do not:

    - put it in your eyes;

    - eat or drink it;

    - inhale it directly through your nose;

    - put it in your ears;

    - put it in your vagina or anus.

  • not to use it internally, inside your body ie, drink or eat it, put it in any of your genital areas, or put it up your nose etc..

  • it means you only put it on your skin like ur not supposed to swallow it or anything.

  • Don't eat it or stick it up your nose.

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