what does “familiarity breeds contempt” mean?

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  • It means that the more you’re with somebody (and the more you know them), the less you like them (or grow to hate them). It’s the exact opposite of “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Funny thing, we grow to “hate” someone but we miss them when they’re gone!

  • Familiarity breeds contempt’s counterpart is Absence make the heart grow fonder.

    You hang constantly with someone and their little quirks start irritating you, or you notice they keep repeating the same **** over and over. You end up wanting to murder them. Go away for a week and surely you or they will be missed. Don’t wear out your welcome so to speak. etc etc ad infinitum…

  • It means that familiarity breeds contempt…..If you’re around someone or something too much you grow to despise it.

  • in the former societies, if a individual replaced into too regularly used (own)with yet another, it made the different individual carry them in contempt(disdain, scorn, think of badly of them) because of the fact it replaced into unsuitable, and not well mannered, as they could desire to be the single to start up friendships. or you attempt to have a private friendship which they could desire to order for somebody else. there is far less scrutiny of it now days, even though it is going to nevertheless be accomplished heavily, because of the fact even though it is not any longer seen socially incorrect, human beings do no longer constantly take excitement in it. a reliable rule of thumb, is do it to human beings youthful than you in case you %, yet no longer people who’re older than you. And use discretion with those of equivalent age. Use as low as available. Wait till ultimately they are stable acquaintances to communicate approximately them.

  • It means the same thing as “-Guests and fish both stink after 3 days.” In other words, enough is enough! The more you get to know someone, the more you find not to like.

  • The more you know someone, the more contempt you may have for him/her. Like you may feel that they have not been good custodians of their gifts or graces.

  • I believe it is more about getting bored or less interested in someone whom you spend a lot of time with. Kind of like being too content, there is less wonder about the other person.

  • It means that if you’re around someone or something for too long that you get sick of that thing and never want to see it again. Example: I ate hot dogs for every meal for a week. I never want to eat another hot dog as long as I live.

    P.S. I really didn’t eat hot dogs for a week. It’s just an example. lol

  • it basically means when ur too close to someone the age barrier(for instance) gets broken so the person can talk back at u as a mate not as a senior.

  • It also means that most people are too stupid too seek quality from the people and things in their life and thus are so pathetic that they must accept failure.

    And then go on Oprah and talk about it. Lots.

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