what does fashion fopa exactly mean? Is it really spelled “fashion fopa” or did i just make that up as usual?

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  • I think you mean a “fasion faux pas”. Faux pas is a french term meaning “false step”. Basically it means you made a fashion mistake (like wearing white shoes after labor day).

  • Fashion Fopa

  • What Does Faux Pas Mean

  • xxmachina doesn t understand that the vast majority of the English language is made up for words from Roman (Latin), French (our historical monarchs were sometimes French), Celtic, Danish (from our Viking invaders) as well as a great many other local Germanic regions (from the Roman invasions). So to say that Anglo-Saxon roots is some what of a faux pas in its self, as Anglo Saxon s came across the channel in wooden boats after the Roman invasion, so by their very nature, they were French, German, Danish and Belgians.

  • that would be fashion faux pas and it means something like wearing casual clothes to a formal party or wearing warm weather clothes when the weather turns cold. it can mean any fashion mistake.

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  • What you mean is ‘faux pas’ …literally a false step or ‘bad move’..

  • Faux Pas

    It is French and like most French terms used in daily English,it translates as “I am a Poser, who thinks anything French is inherently better than that with Anglo-Saxon roots”

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