what does “fated to pretend” mean?

it's in the song time to pretend by mgmt 🙂

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  • great song! well, the song was written when Andrew and Ben ( part of MGMT) were in college, fantasizing about the life of a rock star: drugs, sex, etc. At that point in time, they were just two dorky college dudes fantasizing about rock stardom, but they never really expected it to come true ( but it sorta did!) So they realized they were just "fated to pretend". Also, they have been known to not take life too seriously, as the song says:

    "There's really nothing, nothing we can do

    Love must be forgotten, life can always start up anew."

  • Fated To Pretend

  • Well MGMT wrote that song in uni. the lyrics mock the fantasy rock star life. They talk about marrying models, doing drugs. They say "we're fate to pretend" because they are meant to pretend (they never knew it was actually going to happen.)

  • Fate is like Karma . you cannot change it ..it is your future and will come to pass no matter what you do or think - Fate !!

    Fated to Pretend makes me think you ( the one in question) are destined to be ficticous ..not revealing your true self and pretending to be something you are not - pretending to be sincere; when your'e not .. pretending to be faithfull or in love when your'e not.

    You are false in some sense ...there is nothing you can do to change that --- it is your Destiny......

  • "Fated to pretend" means that one is destined (ordered by destiny, fate) to lie, dissimulate, or make believe that a falsehood is true. It means that one lives in illusions which are not true.

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    what does "fated to pretend" mean?

    it's in the song time to pretend by mgmt 🙂

  • Sounds like someone being accused of being insincere. Or maybe someone who has lied so often they no longer know how to get back to the truth.

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