What does “Fu twa” mean in French?

Idk if I spelled it right. That’s how it’s pronounced…

4 Answers

  • Just going by the phonetic

    It means: fou toi = You are crazy

    Fu twa does not exist in French

  • Since "fu twa" doesn’t exist in French, it must be a phonetic transcription of what you heard. I have two hypotheses: it could come from "t’fou toi!" (it should actually be "t’es fou toi!"=> you’re crazy!) or maybe it’s a part of the phrase "fous-toi pas de moi!", which is a very very colloquial way (actually it’s bad French) to say "don’t try to fool me!"). I think that the first assumption is likelier than the second one.

  • It could be the French word "foutoir" which refers to "a chaotic mess" or "complete shambles". There is an "r" sound at the end, but it’s very slight and not as distinct as an English "r", so you could’ve misheard it as "fou-twa".

    EDIT: Is this what you heard? ForNoob

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