What does full potato mean???? help please!?

Some one just said to me "God dammit brittany don’t go full potato on me. Never go full potato." Can some please help me decode this and if u know what this stupid irritating slang means, please comment! Thank u!

4 Answers

  • completely crazy.

  • Full Potato

  • Late to the party, but it’s a meme of a meme.

    The original phrase was a Robert Downey, Jr. quote from the movie, Tropic Thunder. His character, "Kirk Lazarus" said it to a character played by Ben Stiller (playing an actor/film-maker) while they were talking about his role as a "simple" character and how Ben Stiller actually dumbed himself down for the role so much and got so deeply into character that he actually felt "retarded" for a while and was worried it might stick. In response Downey Jr. lectures him on other actors, such as Tom Hanks, who played a mentally challenged character without going "full retarded" – as if, even though you’re only pretending to be "retarded", once you go "full retard" you’re never going to be the same, so "Never go full retard".

    Never go full POTATO became a spin-off meme based solely on the idea that a true "full retard" probably wouldn’t even get the quote right, and so some ridiculous and totally unrelated word was used to create a misquote, and "potato" is just funny to say, so it works.

    You know how these things spread once they hit the internet.

  • Full potato means doing something so insanely retarded and violent people think you have Down’s Syndrome.

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