what does georgia’s state motto mean?

the motto is


if i knew what this meant it’d sure help me out a lot…

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  • Wisdom, Justice and Moderation also earns a spot as a motto of the State of Georgia, simply because it seems to be the popular choice. It applies directly to the three pillars supporting the “Constitution” on the seal offering guidance in the three branches of government; Wisdom guiding the activity of the legislature; Justice the guiding principles of the judicial system; and Moderation providing guidance in the executive branch.

  • Georgia State Motto

  • Georgia Motto

  • the motto of Georgia, wisdom, justice, and moderation have been around for a while now. so it means that wisdom is to not be stupid, justice means to be fair to others, and moderation, well I forgot what that means.

  • It means be smart, be a solid citizen, don’t pig out.

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