What does “God giveth, God taketh away” mean?

Well, I should ask for “giveth” or “taketh” meanings. I am italian

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  • It is an old form of third person singular. Now we would say God gives, God takes away.

    It is probably an echo of the book of Job in the bible, where Job, a righteous man, accepts the idea that God does not always act in ways that humankind would want. It is a large, complex, paradoxical view of Yahweh or the Lord, and it is superior to the more simple-minded views of the men who would comfort Job. The most popular version of the bible in English is the King James version, which was published in 1611, when the forms “giveth” and “taketh” were in more common use.

  • Giveth And Taketh

  • It means “God gives, God takes away.” The original wording is “The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away”.

  • The Lord Giveth

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  • god lives

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