What Does Gunpowder Taste Like?

I was reading a Wikipedia article on horse meat and came across this passage:

The cavalry usedʙʀᴇᴀsтplates as cooking pans and gunpowder as seasoning, and thus founded a tradition.


3 Answers

  • Many years ago we used gunpowder to treat dogs with distemper. I was curious, , and did not like giving an unknown quantity to my animals, so I sampled it (gingerly) myself. I discovered gunpowder to taste sharp and peppery, with a definite metallic flavor.

    Source(s): My source is personal experience.
  • Well, personally I've never tried it and can't say that I would either. To me I would think it was toxic and it very well may be. In those days, they wouldn't have known this.

  • gunpowder

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