what does happiness mean to you?

What has made you truely happy in your life?

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  • The ability to laugh for a good reason. The ability to cry for those in pain.

    The experience of both in my varied life leads me to know what happiness is and it serves me well. Because of this I know what is true happiness and I have the ability to laugh for a good reason. I’ve shed enough tears to understand joy.

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  • Temporarily, being madly in love with someone is fairly ecstatic. But I regard happiness as something more permanent, and for that you have to be satisfied with your life. This is by no means an easy thing, and sometimes you have to lower your expectations. (Ever since childhood I wanted to be a famous writer and maybe even rock star. In my 30’s I finally realized that if I couldn’t be famous, I could at least be useful to people, and became a nurse.) I’d like to say that nursing brought me happiness, but it didn’t. The stress was truly intense at times and though I did get satisfaction out of being part of a team that helped very ill people get better, I needed to settle for less demanding work (with a substantial drop in pay).

    I can find satisfaction is small things now. Being invited to a friend’s house for dinner is a highly important thing to me, as is supporting various charitable causes. At least I know that people like me and that I’m doing something to help the world.

  • You’re wrong. Many people make bogus arguments based off of our founding documents without knowing fully what they state and cannot possibly have an honest interpretation of their intentions. Usually, fragments of the contents are taken and examine without regard for the context surrounding it, just as you have. I’d be impressed if you even know what documents those words come from without looking them up. The document states that we are born equal with certain unalienable rights, of them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It doesn’t say that we are born equal in physical appearances, social status, economic class, and material possession and entitlements, etc. It is in the sense of our inalienable rights that we are equal, to pursue happiness if we so choose, the success or failure of that is dependent on conditions permitting, which can never be guaranteed, despite people wanting it to be so.

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    what does happiness mean to you?

    What has made you truely happy in your life?

  • In simple words,happiness means having what you want,doing what you love and enjoying life.

  • Happiness is subjective and relative, while it is true that it is one of the best emotions expressed, it is always temporal, joy is the permanent one..a forever everlasting happiness…But to answer your Q, I guess happiness for me means making people’s lives complete, making people themselves happy. helping people to reach to their goals, building and boosting their morale, keeping people together not apart, causing someone’s life change for the better, and lastly answering people’s question without any bitterness and all these come from the heart…….all of them have made me truly happy in life, that is by being altruistic……….others first before oneself!

  • Love and support of family and friends,

    financial and emotional security

    seeing the good in the not so good happenings

    Looking forward to the next day.

    Having a reason to get up in the morning.

    Liking myself. and the skin I am in.

    laughing and smiling a lot.

    helping others out. and the list goes on and on

  • well…. i think really being happy is having a sense of contenment. being able to see the good in even the worst situations, only because you know things could be far worse. happiness lies within you, only you can unleash it fully. seeing others smile makes me truely happy.

  • Being loved and loving uncoditionally, spending time in nature, watching the stars, playing with my pets, learning/experiencing new things each day, laughing with friends, knowing myself more (self-awareness) and others (socializing), traveling, etc

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