What does – “have a drink for me” mean?

What does it mean if someone says “have a drink for me” when they can’t be in your company because they have another commitment?

8 Answers

  • It means they wish they could be there but cant so they are saying “Have one for me” meaning basically have the good time they Couldn’t. Living vicariously would be more accurate but not so much.

  • Have A Drink For Me

  • Its the context. Seeing as “Do you drink [anything]?” Is a question of obvious answer, we automatically assume its of some importance or different from the norm, therefore “Do you drink [alcohol]?” became the understood question for those three words. Find someone that need no drink to survive and you will debunk that mode of thought, and people will start to become more specific.

  • Drink One For Me

  • It means exactly what it sounds like. When I was pregnant and my friends went out, I’d say “have a drink for me”, meaning I can’t drink, so drink my drink.

  • It means have the drink they would have had if they were there. Like drink on their behalf…it’s just a line that people say it’s not really serious.

  • it means that they want to live through you since they’ll be stuck somewhere else.

  • It means exactly what it says. Its really just an expression

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