What does HB mean in football? ?

A position a player has in football is HB what does that mean?! i know what QB and TE and all that is but did i miss something? lol

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  • Hot Butter.

  • Hb Football

  • It means a half back.

    A halfback or tailback is an offensive position in American, and college football who lines up in the backfield and generally is responsible for carrying the ball on run plays.

    There are generally 2 types

    A quick speedy elusive littler player sometimes known as a scat back. Like Reggie Bush.

    And A powerful bigger player. Like Jerome Bettis

  • HB half back which can also be a RB running back they are usually the ones that get to run the ball most of the time

  • HB = Half Back (also known as Tall Back, but that’s not in very common usage). You can read more about them on Wikipedia (unless the info Jay copied & pasted from Wiki was enough) here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halfback_(American_fo… . Hope this helps!

  • Yes , like everyone has pointed out it is Half Back. Also he is the guy carrying the ball most of the time or blocking for another running back called a full back. A full back is usually a bigger running back that is used for short down plays and at the goal line. But you dont see that much use of the full back today. But some teams still use them.

    A half back is smaller and faster, while a full back is bigger, stronger

  • HB stands for half back, a person who lines up in the backfield and generally is responsible for carrying the ball on run plays. They also occasionally run out for passes too.

  • HB mean half back or running back

  • hb= half back

    they are a usuallly smaller running back in the backfield

    they usually get the carries to run the ball in footballl

    generally there are 3 types of half backs

    speed ones (break out with speed)

    power( overpowers tacklers)

    i forgot the term i just know these break tackles very well

    umm half backs go out to catch generally short passes and passblock

    they line up behind and to the side of the fullback

  • HB is the short term for a half back.

  • HB, or halfback. same things as RB, or runningback. same thing as TB or tailback.

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