What does hit it from the “back”mean?

9 Answers

  • means that "exit only" means nothing 馃檪

  • Slang for Doggy Style which means 諒医脳ual intercourse between a man and woman charterized by the woman bending over, typically on all fours, and the man inserting his penis into her vagina.

  • People use that phrase to describe two situations:

    --Having regular 諒医脳 while the man is behind the woman

    --Having anal 諒医脳

    Don't have 諒医脳 unless you are ready for the possible consequences!

  • I think it either means doing it doggy style or anal 諒医脳.

  • omfg this question is beyound funny its freakn epic lmfao u must be under 13 no 9 i new what that meant when i was 9 but yeah it means having 諒医脳 in ur butt hole lol

  • doggy style

  • Haha how old are you kid? Woooow. It means to have anal 諒医脳.

  • It means having 諒医脳 through your butt!

  • yes doggy style it is.

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