What does I second that motion mean?

What does I second that motion mean?

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  • It refers to Roberts' Rules of Order.

    First there has to be a speaker who makes a motion, a point to be voted for or against. Then there has to be someone to second the motion in order for it to go to vote.

    It's all very orderly.

  • it's from a book that lays out the rules about how to run a committee or board meeting. Robert's rules of order is what it's called. Some one must make a motion (it's like a thought or idea) that they want passed. If someone else agrees, they'll second it. Once a motion is seconded, then it can be voted on. As far as the voting goes, it depends on the group. Some say majority rules, but others say it has to have 2/3 of the quorem (the minimum number of members that must be present to hold a vote) to pass.

    For example-On a school board, someone might want to increase the budget for the soccer team. During the meeting they will make a motion by saying "I move to increase the soccer team's funding by $500 for new uniforms" If someone else agrees, they'll say "I second that motion." Then it'll go to a vote. I've got a pretty good handle on this type of stuff so email me if you want more info. Best answer please!

  • Second The Motion

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    What does I second that motion mean?

    What does I second that motion mean?

  • It means another person agrees with the previous statement, ex. We should not have budget cuts. (new person) I second that motion.

  • If someone has an idea for someting to do, and you agree you would say "I second that motion"

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  • It means that I support the decision/action as well.

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