What does ig means ? ………………………….?

So I was texting with my friend and I asked if she have Facebook and she said “no but I have a ig and twitter .. What does ig means ?? I think it means Instagram but I might be wrong .. So what does it means ?

11 Answers

  • it means instagram

  • What Does Ig Mean

  • Instagram

  • https://shorturl.im/1deMh

    “Un” as in ignoble. A negative. But words beginning with ig as other than a prefix (such as ignite), seem to be in the majority. They also seem to come directly from Latin.

  • It usually means instagram when i see people using it

  • It means either “i guess” or “instagram”

  • I guess

  • It means something

  • Either “I guess” or “instagram”

  • it means {i guess}

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