what does ignorance is love and i need that **** mean?

Its from a kid cudi song!

3 Answers

  • ...I was close to go an try some coke

    and a happy ending would be slitting my throat,

    ignorance the coke man, ignorance is bliss,

    ignorance is love and I need that sh**...

    ignorance the coke man = Ignorance is his coke man selling him what he needs to get his fix.

    ignorance is bliss = Common phrase Not knowing something is usually better than knowing it.

    ignorance is love = If ignorance is blissful, Then he loves it, kuz it loves him back (what you don't know won't hurt you)

    I need that sh** = a junkie tellin the coke man I need that Shyt

  • perhaps he means that being ignorant to one's partner's unfaithfulness can let the love for each-other continue.

  • i guess its the same as ignorance is bliss

    look it up cuz i aint explainin tht ish

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