What Does “IIy” Mean?

When you text someone, and they say, “Awe. IIy personality.” What does IIy mean? It stands for something, like when you say, Wyd, It means what you doing. Help!!!

9 Answers

  • ily means “i love you” but in your sentence “Awe. IIy personality” it means i love your personality :)))

    please asnwer mine 🙂


    God Bless 🙂

  • What Does Iiy Mean

  • It’s Either “I Love You” Or “I Love Your”

    Hope That Helped Your Umm, Understanding.


  • Well your mom is right in a way 😊 that’s what it used to mean before the technology generation. So lol now means laugh out loud but it used to mean lots of love back in the day. So your mom isn’t crazy just a little outta date

  • it means “I Love You”

    ~Twila Silver :)(:

  • And the same question shows up again

  • ily= i love you.

  • maybe that is correct

  • i love you (your)

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