What does “I’ll be the one wearing the red carnation” mean?

Thanks, and please make it as clear as you can!

5 Answers

  • Red Carnation Meaning

  • Generally if two people are meeting for the first time, and don’t know what they look like, it’s normal to wear something distinctive, like a red carnation in a buttonhole, that very few, if any, other people will be wearing. Alternatively you could wear a distinguishing hat or be carrying an object, a rolled umbrella or magazine. That way if you know the location where you are to meet it is unlikely that many people will be carrying the same things at the same place.

  • There is a least a movie, The Shop Around The Corner (Lubitsch) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shop_Around_the_… James Stewart (Mr Kralik) has to meet for the first time his mystery correspondent for a dinner date, he will wear a red carnation, but no spoil, watch the movie ! +++

  • Sounds like a quote from a movie or book. Try googling it.

  • if two strangers meet one has to know what they are wearing. how else will they get together

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