What does “in ppl’s lives, blind chance rules” mean?

What does "in people's lives, blind chance rules" mean?

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  • Very great saying... It means in general ( and many people take this in ways) say in your life (peoples lives) risky or unknown choices or chances they have, rule or should be prioritized. I.E. a Business owner makes risky chances and these chances can rule his life.. whether be good or bad..

  • I don't think that pertains to everybody. I would say that some people don't live with the thoughts of their actions or consequences or at least those factors don't have any bearing on their decisions. They just live by the moment or take each moment as it comes and just live it. Whatevere happens, happens.

  • The belief in fate/destiny; that we don't choose our lives, our lives choose us

  • It means: Stop being useless and answering questions with dumb *** answers.

    If you find the question stupid don't waste your time 🙂

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