what does indexing mean?

my computer says that it is indexing things, and it says that it has indexed so many things so far. what is it doing? i have been restarting my computer because i am installing things that need to restart it, and i keep getting it. i click index now, and it does nothing. i want it to go away. but what does it mean??

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  • idexing means it sorts the files and keeps a record of what is where. like an index card drawer at a library that you look up the name of a book and it tells you where to find it

  • What Does Indexing Mean

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  • Windows indexes files in the background, just ignore it and let it do its thing.

    It basically means that windows compiles an index of files containing information that it will search against when you do a search for a file or keyword. its faster for it to search a preindexed file than to find it by searching through all the files on the hard drive.

    If you have XP or vista I would say disable indexing in the control panel but on windows 7 indexing/search is one of the best things I find on it.

  • how do you disable indexing?

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