what does it mean to be an emotional cutter?

but not like cutting your self cause i know they dont mean that

5 Answers

  • Um I guess you're wrong 'cause that's exactly what it means.

  • It is indeed cutting yourself,to escape the pain you feel inside commonly associated with mental disorders such as depression and bi-polar,the only other type of cutter is someone who cuts for attention.It releases endorphins replacing the mental pain with the feeling of physical pain which can actually give pleasure instead of pain.

  • umm ur question was too long so i just skipped it;

    all i got is;

    stop overreacting cause its life;

    next year;

    no ones going to give a damn;

    so just let it go and





  • ur really emotional so you cut yourself.....i think

  • it means that you like apples.

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