what does it mean to be an upbeat person?

can someone give me examples of an upbeat person?

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  • An upbeat person is a positive thinker and believes there is always good answers to everything.If there is a problem an upbeat person tries to help think of a solution.An upbeat person is usually always in a good mood and is always seeing the good side to most things.An upbeat person is a more social person with others and makes others around them feel better about themselves. Always cheerful,helpful.

  • Upbeat Definition

  • I’d say Richard Simmons comes to mind.

    Other generally upbeat people are optimists, and you may encounter them from day to day. These are people who are generally happy with their lives and directions in life, and people who are well-cared for and shower that care back in many forms.

  • to be upbeat is to look on the bright side of things and to be happy. it basicaly means optomistic, but its slightly different. upbeat is a more casual version of optomistic, if that makes sense to you.

  • Glowing with a cheerful, interesting personality and spreading good cheer around. They’re stimulating in a positive way. They are winners. Losers, probably the opposite.

  • happy, enthusiastic, energetic, lightened, content, optomistic, happy, cheerfull, positive

  • Energetic, positive, happy or giddy all the time.

  • a person with a sunny disposition 🙂

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