What does it mean to have New York eyes and Chicago thighs?

I heard it in a Fall Out Boy song and its been bugging me

It’s called I’ve got all this ringing in my ear but none on my fingers

ok lol yeah thats true


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  • i’ve always been a fall out boy fan.

    and over the years, here’s what i’ve learned:

    pete writes all the lyrics, and he’s a pretty deep guy when it comes to lyrics, so unless if you can craw down to the bottom of his brain, you will never know what their songs mean. they don’t make since, and that’s one of the reasons that i like them. 🙂

    but im guessing that new york eyes mean that a girl’s constantly checking out guys. just a guess.

  • Being a big Fall Out Boy fan (and also knowing a lot of people from different regions), I think it s really got to do with the distinct features of people from different regions. Every person I ve ever met who is from New York has these mysterious eyes, filled with danger. They re very raw, and almost off-putting-ly beautiful.

    As for the Chicago thighs, every woman I ve ever known from Chicago has had the best. legs. ever. As in, they re only something you ll see on a native woman from Chicago (which is also where the band originated).

    Anyway, those are just my opinions.

    I hope I helped!

  • oh trust me dude dont try to make sense out of fallout boy lyrics ive been trying for like a year and none of them make sense

  • i dont know…

    what song, though? hmmm…

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