What does it mean to love hard?

I'm just curious, i hear it all the time, but never competely understand the meaning.

4 Answers

  • you love with all your heart. It makes you feel feelings you have never felt.

    Like you love hard you fight hard!

  • Love Hard

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    First and foremost, understand this: Love is not a feeling you just fall into. Love is a verb. And as you know, a verb shows action. You know you love someone when you want to "do" things for them. Not necessarily monetary things, just do things to make sure that their well-being is okay. You feel good when you've made them feel good. But make sure they appreciate your kindness and not take it for granted. Should you find that your significant other doesn't appreciate what you're doing for them, move on.

  • i think that it means to love someone & not hold anything back, to not be cautious & give it all you've got. & also if/when you get hurt by that person for whatever reason, you're not to pull back into yourself & protect yourself from being hurt again, you've just got to keep on loving that person no matter what they do to you. That is how i love my hubby, & my family & best friends, & i think that is unconditional love, that is how it is for me anyways. 🙂

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