What does it mean to say your blood is boiling ?

12 Answers

  • It mean, the temperature of your blood is above 100 degrees celsius, the boiling point.

  • Blood is boiling means to cause someone to be very angry.

  • It simply means that ‘your about to loose your rag’.

  • It means that you are VERY ANGRY.

  • Boiling with ANGER

  • When anger becomes unwantedly powerful in dominating reasons, mental stability, then a person can be said that his blood is boiling.The repercussions of blood-boiling in this case are apparently dangerous.

  • Very angry. To the point where your temperature may actually rise. And blood pressure rises 

  • This is another way of saying that a person is extremely angry.

  • That you’re so angry you’ve got steam coming out your ears. 

  • It means that you are very angry 

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