What does it mean when a guy calls you silly?

There's a guy I work with that I like (and I'm pretty sure he likes me too). Well today he was like, "you're kind of silly, and it makes me laugh". So I was like, "Sorry, I'm funny. It just sort of happened that way". What was he meaning by that? Was it meant to be in a "oh, you're so cute" kind of way, or just saying I am silly in general?

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  • He probably meant that you are one funny gal since he said you always make me laugh. I would take it as a compliment.

  • It kind of depends on how he says it, if he says it with a serious say, then he means you're so cute, if he was laughing and smiling when he said that, he's just saying your silly in general (:

  • Keep in mind that you both are @ work, he can't just say "your cute, and it makes me laugh" some people might think that's sexual harassment. And maybe you are silly, I personally would take that as a good thing.

  • It's my experience that if you think he likes you, he probably does. We're better about knowing those things than we think. I think he meant 'you're silly' in a cute way, like he thinks you're adorable and girlfriend-y.

  • You are silly in general. Just look at your question. Many of us feel that you are silly. Smile.

  • He sounded playful. One think I should warn you of, though, is reading to much into stuff. Speaking from experience, if you analyze everything like this it's easy to get hung up on the tiny things.

    Don't think to much about stuff he says because, chances are, he won't either.

  • He may like you...but I think he is gay. No strait guy will ever say "you're kind of silly" That just sounds kinda gay

  • Maybe he's wobbling with words - having troubles expressing his feelings. If it has been a long time you think he is interested in you, but doesn't do anything, gently ask him if he'd like to do something with you off work.

  • silly as in a goofy way, maybe he likes ppl who are silly.. in aint a bad thing.. its actually a good thing. that means you have a peronality.

  • in my opinion when i say that i meant it as ur cute so im pretty sure his telling ur cute

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