What does it mean when a guy says this? Please help!!!?

So I was on Facebook messenger and I noticed that someone messaged me. When I got on the app I noticed that it was the boy that I used to talk to in high school. We used to go out but it didn’t last long and he was playing games a little bit so I stopped talking to him for a while. So when I was texting him, I asked him “so how’s you and your girl doing” because he had a girl the last time I talked to him. Then he said “I’m single” then I said “I thought you had a girl…guess not” he said “that was back then and no im single” then he asked me why I asked him that and I said “I was just asking smh” then he did “don’t do that lol smh…. You still wanna be together or something?” What does this mean??

3 Answers

  • He’s playing head games, don’t fall for them. He belongs in your past, put him there and leave him there. You will find the right guy when it is meant to happen.

  • Hhss

  • It means hes having conversation playing around with you

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