what does it mean when aephi (sorority members) sign things lml?

i have no interests in telling the world or anything, just pure curiostiy

7 Answers

  • It means "loot at me, I'm a spoiled girl, spoon fed all my life. I treat other people like crap and get everything I want. I'm shallow, brainless, and a ****".

  • Lml Aephi

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    being in a fratenity and working as a public relation chair for my fraternity i know the many myths that media glorifies on greek life and it pisses me off...My school is thinking about getting rid of fraternities in 2010 possibly. Now being that the school has a very strict alcohol policy many of the student body look forward to our parties we have every other month. The campus security knows this campus will go down hill if fraternities go down the tubes. With no social life. And we aren't even the ones providing it Honestly I have visited many chapters of my fraternity on the east coast and have seen great things...Yes they do party, but so does any other college student. What I find halarious is most fraternities are dub for having the stupid people but in most fraternity systems I have examined the people in greek life have a higher GPA than those not in greek life. I honestly went to college thinking that fraternities were not for me and i never wanted to "buy my friends". I met some brothers of my house freshman year in my clubs meetings hung out with them once or twice and realized the fraternities are what media or society has painted them to be. I pledge fall of my sophmore year with 16 other guys and the relationship i have with these guys is more than any friendship i have had with my life long friends...I don't know what it is. We have had meeting with school administration trying to explain the fraternal brotherhood but it was impossible and undescribable.... And the big thing about all the hazing people say goes on in fraternities, try joining a club or varisity college team I have been and still in my club team and the hazing was much worse than any other thing I have heard go on in the fraternities i have visited

  • I never joined a Fraternity when I was in college because I was an older student. I was already a member of two Fraternal Organizations and was satisfied with them. I wanted to learn at college not socialize but heard there were Fraternities that played a lot, however, without first hand knowledge would never criticize those who joined.

  • you'll have to ask an aephi. It probably isn't actually a secret ritual or anything or else they wouldn't sign it publically.

    It's probably something like "love my little" referring to their little sister. Or "love my letters".

  • through that question you are telling the world i want to know .how can you write pure curiosity . just ask your self

  • curiosity killed the cat!

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