What does it mean when someone says “and the beat goes on”?

4 Answers

  • Probably a metaphor for life – meaning that life moves on regardless of whether or not you choose to go with it. Or it’s just a little “side note,” that you say when you finish a task, stop talking to someone, etc.

  • This saying has a parallel in a song by Sonny and Cher, called–you guessed it–“The Beat Goes On”, recorded in the mid-60’s. Chances are, the slogan or whatever you want to call it simply means that the rhythm of everyday life, the problems and promises and everything else, will keep on going.

    There is a spiritual application to this, namely, that this is the view of most people who don’t have a Christian or Biblical world view. Most people who don’t hold that view may not realize that “the beat goes on” could even be traced to Solomon’s musings in the Book of Ecclesiastes! Those of us who do have a Biblical world view realize that God is truly in control.

    Thought-provoking question, indeed.

  • it means that something which is being played in a sequential order like our life, never stops and goes forward with the change in time, life=beat

  • It happened, and it will happen again.

    People die, but the beat goes on.

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