What does it mean when the “Brake lamp” light goes on in your car?

My “Brake Lamp” light turned on today.. and all of my bulbs work.. whats wrong with my brakes!?? Its a honda accord

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  • Hello Friend Your brake lamp could mean two things: 1. You need to put new brakes on your car or 2. your hand brake was on. I think you might need brakes, the system is set to warn you ahead of time, so do not panic you can still drive for hundred of miles without changing them, but you may want to check them. Make sure you are present when they do these, I do not trust some mechanics. Good luck and email if you need more help [email protected]

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    The fact that it happened suddenly gives us clues. There are several things that CAN cause this, but most likely you have a leak in one of the brake lines or one of the wheel cylinders, or you could have a bad master cylinder. Worn-out brake pads will cause this, but the problem will seldom develop SUDDENLY. Air in the lines will also cause this, but air can’t just all of a sudden get in the lines, all by itself. If you know where the master cylinder is, open it and see if it’s low on fluid. Fill it up with the recommended fluid for your car (Any auto parts salesman will know which fluid you need). Then pump your brakes a few times, get out of the car and look on the driveway to see if you can see where it’s leaking. Check the inside of each tire. If one of the tires appears to be wet with fluid, then you have a bad wheel cylinder on THAT wheel. If filling the master cylinder appears to fix the problem – WRONG! It’s only a temporary fix. You still need to have it checked out ASAP.

  • Parking Brake is On , Low brake fluid or brake pads worn out

  • on your car,it has three brake light bulb location. left,right and top.there are two brake warning light on your car.one is for the parking brake and the other is brake fluid level.

  • check the fluid or disengage the emergency brake.

  • a few things it could be that you are low on brake fluid or it could mean that your master cylender or brake booster could be dead

  • what year is the car? could be yur sensor behind the rotor has got dirty and it needs cleaning or it needs replacing

  • have it checked by a reputable mechanic ASAP! plus its a Honda accord.

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