What does it mean when women pull their sweater together across their chest when I am speaking with them?

I (a man) can be speaking with them and looking straight in the eye, not at the chest, and I notice many still doing this? Thanks!

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  • nervousness

    awkward situations


    Source(s): me...i'm a girl
  • Women are exhibitionists and overly self-conscious, all at the same time. They are trained at an early age that their appearance and the ability to attract attention is their primary social asset. And yet their mothers (and fathers) constantly told them to "sit like a lady" and "you re not going out dressed like THAT are you?" Despite the protests of feminists females are conditioned from an early edge to learn how to play with the doubled-edged sword of ꜱɛҳual attraction although the habits that develop over time are more subconscious than overt.

    Women need and want the attention that affirms their feminine power of attraction and yet that very attention in most social situations makes them feel vulnerable on some level, especially when are alone in the presence of a man or men that she subconsciously senses could easily force her to provide them with the ꜱɛҳual pleasure they are constantly seeking, whether she is willing or not. The sweater maneuver is a semi-conscious habit that makes her feel protected from unwanted advances in social situations that are not destined to become ꜱɛҳual.

    Source(s): The Wisdom of the Ages
  • Shes just conscious in case you do. Many women do that because they feel uncomfortable to have theirʙʀᴇᴀsтs just in the open like that (even with a shirt on). Thats why a lot of them wear sweaters so often. You may not want to look at them, but shes just doing it consciously.

  • You may not think you're perving on their chest, but you are. They're quite aware that you want to rip their sweater off and play with them, which is why they pull it together.

    If you want their reaction to stop, you need to stop thinking about their chest, which is difficult, I know..

  • As long as you aren't actually staring at their chest, I wouldn't think too much into it. If you are tall, it may seem like you can easily see down their shirt, even if that is not your intention. Also, when people are talking, they sometimes may do little things to deviate from eye contact for a moment. I have noticed myself doing that before. Not to mention, they could just be cold. . .

  • Whether you look or not the woman is aware of what image she projects to you and is closing that projection to make sure she is not sending you the wrong signal. She may not close her sweater for someone she is attracted to and wants to send inviting signals.

  • I'm a woman. I fidget no matter what, especially if I am standing while talking. The women you are talking to could just be fidgeting or they may be cold or they may be giving you a hint they don't like you.

  • They are uncomfortable and how ꜱɛҳ is such a big thing these days they feel uncomfortable and dont want you looking at them

  • You are looking at their ҍօ.օҍs and they noticed. I bet you get mean looks as they check to see where your eyeballs are gazed.

  • your a man that's all there is to it they also may be letting you know there not interested

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