What does it mean when you have a misc. debit for a service fee?

I was checking my bank statement and I noticed that it said Misc. Debit for a SERVICE FEE for the amount of $10.00 dollars. I do not remember spending thia amount on anything. can anyone explain to me what this means and if i should report it?

3 Answers

  • could be almost anything. call the bank and ask.

    did you re-order checks lately?

  • It is not a purchase that you made for sure. It could be easily identified with a phone call to the bank.

    Did you go into a reserve dollar amount that protects you in the event of an overdraft or purchase?

    It may be a “BS” fee for monthly service or a fee that was imposed by the bank as a flat fee for deposits / checks written, etc.

    Or the infamous, jacked up, debit card fees charged to you the loyal customer when used for retail purchases. When you enter your debit card pin, wham, you may get charged by your bank.

    Or ATM fees when used at remote locations like out of network situations.

    Or maybe a minimum flat fee charged for ongoing monthly service with the account even if nothing occurred.

    Did you elect not to have direct deposit at some point? With DD they waive some fees.

    Check online tomorrow and see if they charge you to view the account online…

    Hang in there!


  • That entry is usually separate but from some place that is charging you for the convenience of their service. If it’s on your bank statement then this must be for a debit card or a checking account. This fee may be some kind of recurring fee for maintaining the account itself. Call your bank for clarification. It never hurts to inquire. If it is an account fee, I’d look to another bank. Free checking accounts are very common.

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