what does it mean when your right hand itches – is it money coming in or out?

Its old wives tale about money and itchy hand. is it right hand for money coming in or out?

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  • According to popular belief, if it’s the right hand, you will soon receive money from an unknown source, If it’s the left, you will lose money by some unknown means. B.

  • Right Hand Itching

  • This has just been proven. My right palm itched not long ago and so immediately I started reading what does it mean when your right palm itches. Seriously about 10 minutes later, a man knocked on my door, he had owed a few thousand dollars and he showed up unannounced and dropped off the few thousand dollars in cash. I am female so it’s definitely if your right palm itches then you are receiving money. There’s no question about it. It was like magic.

  • If your right hand itches don’t be afraid to scratch it. This just means money is running low or money is coming in.

  • For me what happens every single time. My right hand i always get money.. my left i always recieve mail or a letter from my sis in jail..it has never changed..every singpe time my right hand itches i get money within a week

  • For some years now I have also had thesame experience. Whenever my right itches I always receive money and it has never failed me.

  • Any time my right hand itches i always GET money!

  • Righty receive, Lefty leave. I’ve always received money when my right hand itches…never fails….and vise verse

  • Money coming

  • when your right hand itches it means that you are expecting a large sum of money to come in. If your left hand itches you are expecting to make a big payment. If your nose itches then your true love is talking about you. If your left ear itches someone is talking bad about you. If your right ear itches then someone’s saying good things about you. Good Luck Love!

    Blessed Be.

  • My right hand inches yesterday and I did not get money.

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