what does kiss my grits mean?

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  • To kiss one’s grits (grits are located between the toes); a saying that means something like kiss my a**, but more old-fashioned, used mostly in the south

  • Grits Definition

  • Kiss My Grits

  • Here in the south we really don’t say ‘Kiss my grits”, after all why waist good grits.

    This is a saying that was made up by some Hollywood writers, and performed by a Northern actor, with a fake Southern accent.

  • It was spoken by Polly Holliday’s in the late 1970’s as Flo on the television series Alice. Her catchy phrase “kiss my grits” was an endearing term that meant something like Oh! my gosh! Guess you would be honored to be allowed to “kiss her grits.” She said it with a little smile so you could tell she was pleased.

  • Some people think it means the same as “kiss my @ss” but what does this distinctly american slang really convey or reallistically emulate?

    Some say it means “kiss off.” But what do we actually mean? What are we actually conveying when we tell someone to do that?

    If you were not familiar with american slang you might take this literally, in which case, depending on from which country you were from, could connotate or denote this to mean something completely different than it’s intended meaning.

    In which case, for example, one could reply, “I’ld love to, where are they?”, thinking this was a manner of speech to gain an endearing show of affection towards oneself.

    If the response was anologically speaking, “shove off”, an approriate reply might be, I’ld love to, when do we leave and on which boat?”

    Other similar phases might include, “Get lost.” Which a natural response might be, I know exactly where I am and would find it very difficult to do that without a blindfold.”

    Which brings us to the conclusion of the explaination or the meaning of “Kiss my grits.”

    It is something you say to lawyers when they want their money up front.

  • Southern catchy (kinda rhymes) way of saying “Kiss my @ss!!” Grits is a common breakfast food here in the South, which is why somebody who’s never heard of it wouldn’t know what it meant.

  • It was made Popular on the TV Show “Alice” in the 80’s. It was about Mel’s dinner. One of the waitresses, Flo the sassy blonde, used to say Kiss my grits, when she was telling her boss to kiss her butt.

  • A polite way to tell someone to kiss off.

    Either that, or they are offerin’ to share breakfast with you 😉


    grits (grts)

    pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)

    1. A ground, usually white meal of dried and hulled corn kernels that is boiled and served as a breakfast food or side dish.

    2. Coarsely ground grain, especially corn.

  • When corn-cobs were used as a sanitary device it would leave some of the breakfast ‘behind’.

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