What does laundry on-site mean?

Does it mean every appartment has its own washer and dryer OR All residents in a building share the laundry room?

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  • Laundry on site usually means that there is a laundry room. I would prefer to get a small apartment laundry machine and use that instead of the on site one

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  • Laundry Meaning

  • It's shared. But on-site does not always mean each building has a laundry room. It just means there is at least one laundry facility on the property. Sometimes, there's a shared laundry area for the entire complex (regardless of what building you live in). If you see laundry listed as "in-unit", that's when it means you have your own washer and dryer.

  • Sounds like a community laundry room.

  • Within the complex. It could mean a laundry room with free access to washers & dryers or they might be coin operated

  • Shared

  • It depends..

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