What does lay-off and subject to recall mean?

Ok, im filling out an application and this is exactly what it says, ” Are you on a lay-off and subject to recall “? ____yes ____no Salary Desired:________

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  • Means: Are you on a list to be called back by the employer that laid you off. In other words, could there currently be a job waiting for you.

  • Recall Meaning

  • Being lay-off from work normally means being let go due to the company’s financial reasons (budget cut, bankruptcy, etc). If the company decides to open the position again after the lay-off then the person who got laid off has to either take the job back or give a permission to the company to hire somebody else. The time limit is different from one state to another. Check with your state labor regulations to find out. Subject to recall may mean that the position might be terminated temporarily but will be reinstated in the near future

  • When a company does a lay off, and they think this is not a long term thing, they will let you know that you are subject to recall. This means that they will contact you and offer you a job back at their company if one should become open. It doesn’t mean you have to take the job but they will consider you first before going to outside people for hiring.

  • lay off means work got slow so they layed you off . subject to recall means will they call you back to work

  • Layoff Meaning

  • if you were employed and laid off subject to recall means what it says, you aren’t working there now you are laid off but in the future you may be able to be recalled into work force if you choose to be

  • It’s means are you currently on lay-off from another job with the possibility of being called back/re-instated.

  • They’re asking if you got laid off by your previous employer and if there’s a likelihood that you’ll get called back for the other job.

  • im sorry to say to this but you have to since you are collecting unemployment and if you are offered it back you must take it colllecting umployment means you are ready to accept a job even if you don’t take it your employer will tell unemployment and you won’t be able to collect it anymore

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