What does lne (Natural Log e) equal to?

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  • Logarithms have a base, often it's 10 so (for example) log100=2

    e is a special number, 2.718......, and in certain problems it is useful to use logs to the base e, the abbreviation being ln

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  • Natural Log Of E

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    What does lne (Natural Log e) equal to?

  • What Does E Equal

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    Any time you have log(base=b)(b)=1 These are inverse functions of each other .

    On you calculator take ln(e^1) where you evaluate e^1 using the " e^x" key

  • ln 36

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  • Are you asking for the value of "e" or are you asking for the value of Ln e?????????

    Ln(base e) of e = 1 because e^1 = e

  • Do you mean ln(e)? If so ln(e) = 1


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