what does “lost in you” mean?

I’ve been hearing this line lots of times everywhere. (in songs, movies, qoutes etc) I dont get it though. what does being lost in smone mean?? please explain. thnx!:D

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  • Lost in them meaning that they’re always thinking about that person because they’re in love with them. Like being “lost in thought” but instead “lost in a person” because you’re so INTO them.

  • Lost in you! Lost in your world! Lost with you forever! Lost Together! In love together! Your the only one I think about when I’m WIth you!

  • It means an in depth connection within two people. [i.e get to know them to the point that they think alike, have a connection sexually,verbally, mentally, and so forth]

  • It means that you are lost in someone’s eyes, that you are in love with them, pretty much. But phrases like that always confused me a little bit because it almost makes love sound like a bad thing. “Lost in you.” lulz.


    but i would guess it means to be in like awe of someone..lost in your thoughts over them all the time!!!! and you keep thinking about them ALL the time because you are lost and cant understand them/it and that makes you fusterated..thats my guess

  • It means you have lost yourself in somone. Like nothing exsist when your with that person except you and him.

  • Lost in someone means completely mad about that person and always thinking about that person deeply. 🙂

  • means lost in you

  • It means the person is so fat you hug them and then you are “lost in them”

  • Its when they are so fat you get disorientated trying to walk around them and get lost.

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