What does ‘make me a sandwich’ mean?

My guy friend says that to me a lot, and when he does some people around me start laughing so I think it's a joke but I don't know what it means? Is it a joke or does he really want me to make him a sandwich?

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  • It's a sexist joke about women belonging in the kitchen. It's often used as the last resort in a play-argument between friends. Sort of like saying, "why am I arguing with you when you should be in the kitchen making me a sandwich".

    Smack him back with "When you start acting like a man, I might make you a sammich!' or "You're too much of a little boy to handle the sammich I'd make you."

  • Make Me Sandwich

  • it is a joke that guys will often say to girls/women.

    Some find it offensive and others don't.

    They say it as a joke because they believe (or it is said) that women should be in the kitchen all the time. This is why he is asking you to make him a sandwich, because you should be in the kitchen.

  • Haha. There is a joke that guys do about like women are only good for making sandwiches and sex.

    Lol don't make him a sandwich. Or if you do put hot sauce on it that will show him.

  • well it just means ur a girl and u should act like a girl and "not leave the kitchen and make me a sandwich" it can be used to say shut up sometimes as well or end an argument as a last wood

  • I don't know, but you better go make a sandwich.

  • He's being sexist, it's like saying women belong in the kitchen.

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    what was the context that it was used in? if it was sexual context then it means just that it is a sexual refernce of 3 ppl doing the dirty

  • He is being crude and rude.

    4. A sexual situation involving three people


  • What are you doing on YA? you better get back in the kitchen and make that sandwich.

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