What does MARINE stand for?

I heard it stood for, Mini Army Riding In Navy Equipment.

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  • My A$$ Rides In Navy Equipment

    Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Essential


    I didn’t make those up


    N ever A gain V olunteer Y ourself


    A ren’t R eady to be M arines Y et

    US ARMY (Spelled backwards)

    Y es R etarded A ss S igned U p


    Uncle Sam Ain’t Released Me Yet

    etc, etc

    See..in the Army…we can make fun of ourselves

  • What Does Marine Stand For

  • It doesn’t “stand” for anything, meaning it’s not an acronym. The Marines are the elite force that serves as the protectors of the Navy – at least that’s how they started. Marines did, and still do, travel on all larger Naval ships to be used as ground forces when needed or protect the big chiefs on board the chips. They are the best of the best. First in – last out. Semper Fi!

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    What does MARINE stand for?

    I heard it stood for, Mini Army Riding In Navy Equipment.

  • The first time they looked at adding them to the Army was around the time Andrew Jackson was President….been looked a 4 times now if I recall the article I read….has come up recently too.

    A Sailor and a Marine are taking a piss at the Airport Head. The Marine zips up and heads for the door. The Squid says “Hey the Navy taught us to wash up after!” Jarhead does an about face…looks a bit puzzled and states “The Marines teach us to NOT pee on our hands!”

    Army Pukes love Squids, Jarheads, Zoomies and Coasties. They are our Brothers. Only we can pick on each other. We will fight over liqour and women and fight to the death to protect our Brothers.

  • It doesn’t stand for anything.

    Marine is simply a historic term for naval infantry.

  • It doesn’t stand for anything and people that say it does or that make stuff up are purely envious that they aren’t Marines.

  • It stands for Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

    It stands for freedom.

    It stands for America.

  • It`s not an acronym….some who make fun of the Marines simply treat it like one, thus where you heard yours.

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