what does “morra” mean in spanish?

Well these kids in the neighborhood keep saying it, and I have no idea what it means. On top of that, they won’t tell me.

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  • I wouldnt say it is border slang, much more like Northern Mexico including states that dont border the USA

    But yea its girl or chick

  • Mora In Spanish Means

  • This is a terribly demeaning word for a woman. You have to undersatand the history of this word. I doubt that the kids saying this have even a mild idea of what it comes from. They’re idots.

    This comes from the time that the morros ruled Latin America for a short time. Today, there is no remorse for the times that they killed thouusands in Latin America. But who were the morros??

    These were the North Atlantic visitors to Latin shores. They were the vistiors that brought disease and death to thousands. It’s underdable why this is hated.

    The “morros” are so hated that there is a common expression in spanish that says that “No hay morros en la costa” (there are no morros on the coast) or, in other words, the coast is clear – go for it.

    It’s very sad that the kids say this but they have no idea of the history of this word and are just idiots and I’d say just ignore them and make the best of your life. Study and go for making the best life for you that you can.


  • does Morra mean in English “she s my *****?”

  • Young chick or girl.

  • Border line slang. Not spanish.

    Young woman.

  • girl, chick

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