What does “My spider-sense are tingling” mean?

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  • It’s a reference to Spiderman, the Marvel comic superhero. His heightened ‘spider senses’ usually warned him of danger just before something happened, and he’d say “My spider sense are tingling.”

    Basically it was the writers tool for forewarning the reader/viewer that things were about to get exciting.

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    What does “My spider-sense are tingling” mean?

  • popularized by the DC comic character movies,it refers to a sense

    of ‘precognition’

  • i think it means….

    you better watch out for a spider ’cause you sence one coming

  • its from spider man, and it means his instincts are heighten.

  • it means you are insanle horneyyy

  • it means be aware……or if i were trying to be smooth

    it would be that you just walked in the room

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